recal▓led his t

our to Xiadang Township vividly: "The township CPC Committee was built on a ren▓ovated cow enclos

in neighboring Shanxi Province, where villagers had enough to eat through the hard work to harvest grain. Xi and fellow vi▓llagers of Liangjiahe dreamed of "having corn flour for m▓eals" for the whole year, too."I just turned 20 a▓t that time, and I was mainly thinking about ways to let everyone to harvest a little more grain and have a little pocket ▓money," Xi said.Xi led the vi

ig crowd of us had to hold 

llagers in digging wells, building terraces and sediment storage ▓dams, and setti

our meetings on a bridge."D

ng up the province's first methane-generating pit.He also invited the village's

ue to poor access, few highe

three blacksmiths, who had been workin▓g elsewhere, to come back to set up an iron?/p>

r-▓level officials went to

?cooperative."Forging the iron could generate ▓some income. Only by making some mo

Xiadang."I ▓was

Cras porttitor imperdiet volutpat nulla malesuada lectus eros the first prefectural CPC committee s

ney could we get things done."Among some 30,000 young people sent to the Yan'an region from Beijing, ▓Xi was the first to work as a Party branch secretary at that time. He was awarded a three-whe▓eled motorcycle by the Beijing municipa▓l government."The motorcycle


Cras porttitor imperdiet volutpat nulla malesuada lectus eros who h▓ad ever been there," Xi said.I

n 1997, Xi, then d▓eputy secretar

y of the CPC Fujian Provincia?/span>

was useless in the villag▓e. It was even impossible to drive it into the village. Better to exchange it for something practic

lion while he was sweeping the c

坙 Committee, visited Xihaigu,

al," Xi recalled.He then we▓nt to the agricultural bureau of Yan'an and exchanged the motorcycle for a hand tractor, a flour mi

a region in the south of Ningxi

a Hui Autonomous Region, his

lling machine, a grain thrower, a rice milling machine and a submersible pump, for villagers.RURAL REFORM IN ZHENGDINGReform

torically, even internationally,

known for its harsh environ

took an early root in Xi's thinki▓ng about governance.From 1982 to 1985, Xi served first as d▓eputy secretary and then secretar

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